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An electronic version of Transmitteri 119 (3-4 2016) bulletin is now out and can be found found "Transmitteri" -section or directly in here.


The general meeting and scientific symposium of the Finnish Pharmacological Society takes place at the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio (Lecture hall 102, Canthia building, 1st floor) on Monday 12.12.2016 at 9:30-17:00. ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. The registration form can be found in Meeting Diary section or directly in here. The deadline is 8.12.2016.

Edit 2.12.2016: The autumn meeting agenda and the symposium program as well as the minutes of the annual general meeting (20.4.2016) can also be found in Meeting diary section!


e-Transmitteri 2-2016 (nr 118) has been mailed to the SFY members. If you did not reach your copy, please update your e-mail address online in here. The annual membership invoice (25 €) is attached into the e-Transmitteri in case you have forgotten to pay the year 2016 fee. Should you not remember your payment status, you can always check it by sending an e-mail to SFY treasurer (rahastonhoitaja (at) sfy.fi). The e-Transmitteri is available also in here or you can find it by clicking "Transmitteri" -section at the top of this page.

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